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The Shiny New Toy

It seems like every year or three there is a ‘phenom’, a ‘unicorn’ and a ‘can’t miss’ player that everyone MUST have.

Historically, the biggest name I can recall as I watch tonight’s Cardinals v Cowboys Monday Night Football game is Ricky Williams. Mike Ditka traded the sun, moon and stars for this player. He was a great piece, but he would have been better if Ditka had put other pieces around the skilled player and perhaps things could have worked out better.

This brings me to my point. Trevor Lawrence.

The Football Twitterverse and fans that I’ve spoken to from a certain fanbase or two seem to believe Mr. Lawrence is next seasons’ greatest thing ever.

He may very well be. To see this young man play, is to see a virtuoso of poise, skill and a touch of ‘Ric’ Flair. Though it is against peers that are not all as gifted as he, his performance game in and game out is quite impressive and can definitely translate to today’s NFL game.

Where he should land and how effective can he be… now, that’s the gazillion dollar question.

There are currently (as of Oct 19th, 2020) nine teams that are 1-5 or worse.

Vikings 1-5 Bengals-1-4-1

Falcons 1-5 Chargers 1-4

Giants 1-5 Jaguars 1-5

Washington 1-5 Jets 0-6

Eagles 1-4-1

Of these struggling teams, I can see only perhaps three landing spots that Trevor could be if not successful early, at least in a positive situation that could help his development and progression.

Spoiler Alert- The Jets is not the place. Not yet.

Whether the Jets keep their debacle of a head coaching situation or fire the problem midseason, Trevor Lawrence will do little to nothing to move the dilapidated needle. They need skilled players at the offensive skill positions. They need a solid offensive line, and they need special defensive players to take the D to the next level. Lawrence would do little to develop under the current situation and seem reminiscent of Joe Burrow so far this season.

Speaking of the Bengals, they have Burrow so they aren’t in the market for Lawrence and shouldn’t be. The Chargers are in the same boat. Between Covid taking away games and a hack-physician puncturing lungs, Anthony Lynn still has Justin Herbert.

The Falcons still believe in Matt Ryan, as they should, especially because the market is thin. They have the weapons and removed Dan Quinn from the premises. The Eagles still believe in Carson Wentz, I believe. I believe…

So now we talk about the Giants, who some within the fanbase believe they need to move on from Daniel Jones, the controversial 6th pick. Personally, I feel Daniel needs more time to develop under this new Joe Judge and (le sigh) Jason Garrett… (still can’t believe we did that but alas). The team is slowly but surely starting to progress, in some ways. I think once Daniel calms the fumbles and relieves himself of the yips that nearly cost us the game this past Sunday afternoon. Eli Manning had a horrific second season and if the Giants gave up on him then they would not have two Superbowl Championships in four years. Not saying Jones is Eli, just that he needs the chance.

The Infamous Three:

The Vikings. With one year left on Kurts’ cousin, Kirk’s contract and the offense seemingly falling apart at the seams. Cousins had three interceptions in their last game. The Vikings could astonish and amaze by jumping up in the draft to get the guy that could actually move the needle with Cook, Jefferson and Thielen.

The Washington D.C. Football Team. Ron Rivera inherited Dwayne Haskins and, like his predecessor, gave up on the young player. He brought Kyle Allen with him from Carolina and that young man has been less than impressive in his two starts. Alex Smith is the comeback player of the year and I honestly don’t want him to play. I want his quality of life to be great with his kids and wife. With no solid quarterback option in sight, Trevor Lawrence might very well find himself a home in D.C.

The Jaguars. I personally think the Jaguars are the perfect landing spot for Mr. Lawrence. They have a solid young core of skilled offensive players, a rebuilding defense but solid coaching. The Jags are a QB away from getting back into the conversation. I apologize, but the moustache is not it.

In the end, as the season goes, people will clamor for their guy or their team, but I do not think the Josh Rosen method is one that should be adopted by GMs or fans alike. I hope Trevor lands at a stable organization.

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